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Our strength lies in our extensive machinery fleet. The wide range of services covers diverse knitting techniques on many different automated knitting machines, single and double-bar raschel machines for three-dimensional knits and double-sided loop fabrics, as well as various needle thicknesses and effective widths. Our product range has grown to the extent where we now produce 1,000 products.

We can manufacture anything from very light tulle, to heavy terry fabrics or spacer fabrics up to a height of 40 mm.


Product overview

Production is divided into areas with registered brand names:

Logo Triditex

3D warp-knit fabric

in different thicknesses and patterns.

Logo Trinittex

flat warp-knit fabric

with very low stitch density for the greatest possible product diversity.

Logo Tripoltex

highly absorbent, one-sided or double-sided pile fabrics

with good dust cleansing and thermal properties.


Own warp preparation

Your benefits:

  • Variable grey widths
  • Very wide variety of special thread counts
  • Manageable minimum order quantities
  • Special requests are possible
  • Suitable materials for our customers’ product ideas
  • Fast and flexible manufacture

Quality comes first for us.

All of our production facilities have the latest thread-monitoring technologies to minimise errors in the raw material.

Our partners in dyeing / finishing also work with quality assurance technology.

We can offer goods inspection with detailed quality reporting for all products.