About us

Tradition meets technical expertise

Textilwerk St. Micheln is successfully continuing more than one hundred years of textile manufacturing tradition in Mülsen St. Micheln, Germany.

1896 – Establishment of a weaving mill
Councillor of Commerce and industrialist Otto Boessneck built what is now our factory and founded what is, given the conditions at the time, a large-scale weaving mill. At that time, it was exemplary, both in view of efficient ways of working and in the creation of social welfare schemes for the workers.

1930 – The weaving mill
Only woven fabrics were produced in the years that followed.

1974 – From weaving to knitting
Knitting techniques were used in the business from this time.

1992 – Re-establishment
All of the weaving machines were sold one year after the re-establishment.

Until today
Based on our many years of experience in textiles and over one hundred years of tradition, we have kept on investing in the latest knitting technology since our re-establishment. This means that we can now offer all technically possible processes in the sphere of warp knitting.

Gründer Otto Boessneck
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